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In fact, the alligator gar itself has become a popular target fish for anglers, especially bowfishers, which is of concern to some conservationists. The fish is protected by law in parts of its.. The Alligator Gar is a species of gar that lives in the southern United States and into Mexico. This fish is one of seven species, all of which live in North America. It gets its name from its broad snout, which resembles that of the American alligator. Also like the alligator, this species reaches impressive sizes The Alligator Gar is the only species of Gar that has a row of very sharp teeth that are in the upper jaw region. This is what gives the mouth the appearance of an Alligator and thus where the name derives from. This particular fish also has a very long snout. They are either dark brown, gray or olive colored The Alligator Gar Fish is the largest species of fish in the Gar domain and is known to be among the largest of freshwater fishes in North America. The size of this fish is nothing to take lightly; the average weight of this creature is around 200 pounds, although the biggest recorded weight in captivity stands at more than 300 pounds The Alligator Gar can grow really big in size. It can grow as long as about 10 ft (3.0 m) in their length. The largest Alligator Gar ever found was recorded to be 8 ft 5 1⁄4 in (2.572 m) long, it weighed about 327 pounds (148 kg), and it was 47 inches (120 cm) around the circumference

Alligator gar are one of the funnest fish you can catch. The unguided outdoors guys and I headed south for a night of bowfishing. Within the first hour we we.. Alligator gar typically pick up a bait and travel a good distance before stopping to ingest the bait. The upper jaw and mouth of an alligator gar is cartilaginous and bony, full of teeth, and unlike most fish is very resistant to penetration by fish hooks True cajun Rickey Verret from southern Louisiana shows you the fastest way to clean an alligator gar. Instagram @jduke Meet Alligator Gar Fishing GuideKirk Kirkland. The original alligator gar fishing guide for rod and reel catch and release angling. I do not shoot gar with a bow and arrow like some other wanna be guides because they have problems catching big gar. With a rod and reel I started guiding alligator gar fishing in 1999 Alligator gar roe is poisonous, to birds, animals, and humans, but safe for other fish to eat. There is very little commercial interest in this fish. World Record 279 lbs. Rio Grande River, Texas

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Popis. Má ganoidní šupiny: jeho tělo je pokryto krunýřem složeným z kosočtverečných plátů (domorodci používali ostré a tvrdé šupiny jako hroty šípů).Tlama kostlína je rozšířená jako lžíce a opatřená ostrými zuby; pro jeho podobnost s aligátorem se mu anglicky říká alligator gar.Ryba má žábry, ale dokáže také dýchat vzdušný kyslík Capt. Bubba is the owner of the worlds premiere Alligator Gar Guide Service .His team has led there clients to numerous IGFA WORLD RECORDS, And his teams fishing skills have been captured on film by most of all major networks around the world from Animal Planets RIVER MONSTERS to your loacal fishing shows. If your looking to go on a alligator gar fishing trip then look no further If the alligator gar entered the Atlantic Ocean, it could interact with a variety of cryptids. Cassie, Lusca, and Ningen are a few possibilities. Conclusion. Introducing non-native species to new water channels is a very dangerous activity for both humans and the world's wildlife In unserem Bereich Magazin und Tipps entdecken Sie neue Trends, gestalterische Tipps und inspirierende Beiträge zu unseren Produkten. Es erwartet Sie Informatives und Interessantes rund um die Themen Beschichtungen und Handwerk

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  1. alligator gar fishing trip Want a different sort of adventure with your friends or family. A guided trip into the wilderness after alligator gar is an excellent way to bond with friends or have a memorable time with your family
  2. Scrap the carcass. Do not eat the roe of the alligator gar as it one of the few fish that have poisonous eggs. Remove the red or bloody looking parts from the fillets as they are what will create the nasty fishy flavor Alligator gar is known for. How to Cook Alligator Gar Alligator Gar Recip
  3. Alligator gar are present in the Gulf coastal plain from the Econfina River in Florida west and south to Veracruz, Mexico. The historic range extends north in the Mississippi River basin to the lower reaches of the Missouri and Ohio rivers. In Texas, alligator gar may be found in large rivers and reservoirs, as well as in coastal bays
  4. um jet boat. It's made to run the shallow river to get to the good spots
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Der Alligatorhecht (Atractosteus spatula) ist mit einer maximalen Länge von 3,05 Meter und einem maximalen Gewicht von 137 Kilogramm der größte Knochenhecht (Lepisosteidae) und einer der größten Süßwasserfische Nordamerikas. Im Rio Grande wurde 1951 ein Alligatorhecht gefangen, der angeblich 126 kg (279 lb) wog The dead fish - thought to be an alligator gar - can grow up to 10ft long and weigh 350lbs and is normally found in North America. Tyrese Martin, 16, found it while walking to school on Thursday. 1 of 18. A fisherman takes a picture with the 7-foot alligator gar he caught in Zapata, Texas. The fish was released. Ramiro Reyes Show More Show Less 2 of 18. A fisherman takes a picture with the.

Measuring an alligator gar is a quick way to estimate its age. A gar that grows 7 feet long would be approximately 40 years old. Another impressive aspect of the gar is its ability to adapt to a variety of water conditions, a trait known as euryhalinity, which in Latin translates to wide and salt Tracking Alligator Gar on the Escambia River: A Photo Set on Flickr A population estimate of alligator gar in the Escambia River. Alligator Gar Research on the Yellow River: Video Biologists are locating, tagging and tracking alligator gar on the Yellow River in northwest Florida Otolith‐Based Age Estimates of Alligator Gar Assessed Using Bomb Radiocarbon Dating to Greater than 60 Years. Daniel J. Daugherty; Allen H. Andrews; Nathan G. Smith; Pages: 613-621; First Published: 09 November 201 Gar, any of seven species of large North American fishes in the genera Atractosteus and Lepisosteus, in the family Lepisosteidae. Gars are related to the bowfin and are confined chiefly to fresh water, but some species descend to brackish or even salt water. Gars are known to bask like logs and breathe air

Tank-raised alligator gar waiting to be released into the wild. Rogelio V. Solis/AP But the alligator gar has a fin up here, so to speak: It actually belongs in these rivers. Until the middle of the 20th century, the alligator gar reached as far north as Illinois, although now it's stuck in the southern reaches of the Mississippi and other rivers that feed the Gulf of Mexico Kirklands Alligator Gar Fishing Charters is located in Trinity, Texas. The area is the most suitable place for catching that unusual freshwater trophy fish. The charter service is run and operated by Captain Kirk Kirkland, who takes pride in holding the title of The Number One Captain for IGFA World records for the last 3 years in a row

Find alligator gar stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day The alligator gar fish, aka Atractosteus spatula, is a massive freshwater creature that weighs up to 350 pounds and measures up to 10 feet long. The alligator gar has been swimming on Earth for 100 million years

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The alligator gar ('ah-li-gay-tore gar', or 'æ·lɪ·gei·tər gaɹ' in IPA notation) is a small, passive, aquatic, Mesozoic creature that was added in Build 7.3, the Dinosaur Renaissance update. It is a living fossil fish that spawns naturally in the world but can also be created by the player, similar to the Nautilus , sturgeon , and Coelacanth , all of which also spawn naturally Alligator Gar are native to slow rivers, reservoirs, landlocked lakes, oxbows and brackish estuarine waters of the southeastern USA. They can be found in the lower Mississippi River basin between, and including, Florida, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The species was also introduced to Central America and Thailand and fishing for them is marketed as a world-wide sensation in the latter The alligator gar is the largest species of gar. Adults average 6 feet long, and some 100 lbs in weight, much more heavily built than its relatives such as the longnose gar. The world record specimen was 8 feet 5 inches long and weighed 327 lbs. Though some may reach a length of 10 feet, and a weight of 365 lbs! Diet Edi

Alligator Gar is the third episode of the first season, as well as being the third episode in general. The episode originally aired on 19 April 2009 while the unhooked version aired on 9 May 2010. In the Deep South resides a river monster with the reputation of a devil. Blamed for a series of violent attacks on humans, this creature is said to be as vicious as a shark and as big as an. The alligator gar is the largest species of gar and is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in North America. It can be as long as eight to twelve feet and often weighs at least 100 pounds at maturity. The current world record alligator gar weighed 279 pounds and was caught in the Rio Grande River in 1951. Even larger alligator gars — over. Alligator Gar is designed to hold and repress tooth prey, it does not prune into bite-sized parts such as sharks. Therefore, alligator gars do not eat what they cannot consume. Alligator gar is a danger to people only when anglers try to land and handle this huge, powerful fish. In addition to hosting a pair of sharp teeth, the alligator gars.

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  1. World Record Alligator Gar Pulled From Mississippi Lake Tangled in Fisherman's Net. Plus the story of a state record gar from Oklahoma. By Chad Love. Updated: October 7, 2019. More Fishing
  2. Investigators from RSPCA Cymru have begun an enquirey after an Aligator Gar, Atractosteus spatula, was found dead in the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal at Risca in Caerphilly on Thursday 27 February 2020.The Fish was found by local resident Tyrese Martin, 16, while on his way to school. Alligator Gars are large predatory Fish native to North America, capable of reaching over 3 m in length, but.
  3. If you didn't grow up on this stretch of river 40 years ago then you do not know what it used to be like. Now is the time we all need to set our differences aside. come together to protect the alligator gar for all likes of sportsmen. Texas is the best place in the world for trophy alligator gar
  4. The Alligator Gar is a large species of freshwater fish found in Endless Ocean: Blue World. 1 Encyclopedia Description 1.1 Endless Ocean: Blue World 1.1.1 [Owner's Responsibility] 2 Location 2.1 Endless Ocean: Blue World 3 Behavior 4 Notes 4.1 Real-Life Information 5 Gallery 6 Navigation This fish has the long nose and mouth full of sharp teeth associated with crocodiles, and is covered with.

Alligator Gar are found in the lower Mississippi River Valley as well as the Gulf Coast States including Georgia and Alabama. Unlike other gars, the mature alligator gar possesses a dual row of large teeth in the upper jaw. It's name derives from the alligator-like appearance of these teeth along with the fish's elongated snout The alligator gar, reaching a length of about 3 metres (10 feet), is one of the largest of all freshwater fishes. Gars are edible but are almost never eaten in the central and northern United States. They are sometimes baked in their own armour. Some artisans fabricate the enameled scales into novelty jewelry Alligator gars, one of the most ancient species of inland bony fish, have existed for more than 100 million years. These large predators are at the top of the food chain and possess adaptations that let them live where others perish Alligator gar, a fish that can grow to as much as 300 pounds and are powerful, challenging and singularly impressive looking quarry for anglers, were increasingly drawing the attention of anglers.

Alligator Gar. Description: Alligator Gar-Common Names - gar, garfish Description - They are one of the most distinctive freshwater fish species. Alligator gars are the largest of all gar species with a head that looks very much like an alligator's. They can be distinguished from all other gars species by the two rows of teeth in the upper jaw, their short-broader snout, and their size. Alligator Gar . Alligator Gar. Rocket gar; Spatula gar; Showing all 12 products. Sort By: On Sale! Save 49%. Add to Cart. Alligator gar 10cm / 4 (5pcs) $236.65 $118.33. Add to Cart. On Sale! Save 50%. Add to Cart. Alligator gar 4.0cm / 1.6 (25pcs) $259.70 $129.85. Add to Cart. On Sale!. Alligator gar were once demonized and subjected to extermination efforts, but for more than a decade state and federal agencies have been working to restore alligator gar in certain areas. From the beginning, these efforts were seen as a way to bring a fascinating and valuable fish back to places they had disappeared from RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA (CBS) — Radnor Township police say a rare Alligator Gar fish was found dead in a local pond this week. The fish is commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico Alligator Gar. The Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spathula) is the largest of the living gars and one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America. These fish are capable of reaching lengths of over 9 feet and weights of over 300 lbs. The largest reported size of an Alligator Gar is 9 feet, 8 inches. This specimen weighed approximately 302 lbs

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  1. The alligator gar is one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America and is the largest of the gar species. Gars are slow growing fish, with female alligator gars reaching sexual maturity around age 11 and living to age 50. Male alligator gars mature around age 6 and live at least 26 years. Alligator gars commonly grow to a size of 6 1.
  2. The alligator gar inhabits large, slow moving rivers, reservoirs, oxbow lakes, bayous and bays, in fresh and brackish water. The alligator gar is the most tolerant gar species of high salinity and occasionally strays into salt water. Young may be seen at the surface in debris such as leaves and twigs
  3. 1 of 83 This past weekend, angler Zachary Sutterfield of Durant, OK harvested this 6-foot, 9-inch, approx 170-pound Alligator Gar while bowfishing on Lake Texoma. Nic Sutterfield and Billy.

Lodge Comfortable Texas Country Lodge Located in Alligator Gar Country our guest lodge has become very popular with our clients. Its not the Ritz Carlton but hey you didn't come to Texas to see the Opera and eat in a Michelin rated restaurant did you? Our lodge is 2 years old and is perfectly convenient for our dedicated Alligator Gar Fishermen: Sleep up to 5 people Wi-Fi & satellite. alligator gar. alligator gar: translation. noun. Etymology: so called from its size: a large freshwater gar (Lepisosteus spatula. The largest alligator even been caught was three hundred sixty five pounds which was killed by a bow fisherman in Colorado River basin. The alligator gar can survive out of the water for almost 2 hours and therefore it is necessary to kill instantly to avoid and danger to yourself although I am against killing or hurting any animals, fish or living creaatures

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1 of 11 George Marx of Schenectady holds a 32-inch alligator gar he caught yesterday from Central Park's Iroquois Lake Saturday Aug. 6, 2016 in Schenectady, NY. (John Carl D'Annibale / Times Union. The Alligator Gar is a tropical fish found at Panas Jungle.It is the largest species of gars, exceeding 10 feet for S-ranked specimens. It is quite common and tends to become an annoyance when fishing for the Pirarucu or the Electric Eel.It has a rare variant where its entire body is bright white instead of brown, which dubbed as Platinum Alligator Gar alligator gar (atractosteus spatula), adult, swimming, captive, occurrence north america - alligator gar stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Richard Raddatz, Field Museum staff preparator, stands with a specimen of Alligator Gar fish, lepisoteus tristoechus, LEPISOSTEIDAE family, which..

Alligator gars still inhabit the Mobile Delta and adjacent coastal waters, but recent reports indicate that inland occurrences are rare. One author (MFM) remembers that in the 1950s the Demopolis Times featured a photograph of a large alligator gar caught in either the Tombigbee or the Black Warrior River. A 140-pound specimen was caught in the. An enormous, dead alligator gar was pulled from a lake at a park in New Orleans after the fish began creating a stink. Officials dragged the creature from the lagoon at Lafreniere Park in Metairie A Texas fisherman said it took him about 30 minutes to reel in an alligator gar measuring 7 feet, 5 inches long and weighing in at a staggering 190 pounds

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For COVID-19-related closures, restrictions, and updates see the WDFW COVID-19/Coronavirus response page The Alligator Gar is a great fish which probably owes its name to the fact that it is provided with a shining armor as hard and strong as the bony plates of the Alligator. [57] 2 Field Museum of Natural History Most of the streams, ponds and bayous of this region are dark in color, either because the waters carry a load of mud or because they. Alligator gar longer than 36 inches must be released unless an angler has a trophy alligator gar tag. Eric Brinkman is the fisheries supervisor at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Hope. Alligator Gar raising from fry 1.1.2 download - Designated as a specific alien creature from April 2018, in Japan Alligator gar that can not b

Duane Raver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, autor tohoto díla, jej uvolnil jako volné dílo, a to celosvětově. V některých zemích to není podle zákona možné; v takovém případě: Duane Raver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service poskytuje komukoli právo užívat toto dílo za libovolným účelem, a to bezpodmínečně s výjimkou podmínek vyžadovaných zákonem Skinner agreed that it was a beast of an alligator gar and the two got ready. They used the boat's trolling motor to get within about 5 yards of the fish and they both released arrows at the same. Researching alligator gar requires much more hands-on effort than many species, simply because of the rarity of large specimens throughout the gar's traditional range. Watch a video highlighting some of the research work AGFC biologists employ to keep tabs on this species The alligator gar, Atractosteus spatula, is the biggest member of the primitive gar family and one of North America's largest inland fish.A resilient species, it has an adaptable specialized air bladder that enables it to take in air at the surface, allowing it to survive in the poorest water conditions The Alligator Gar ( Atractosteus spatula), gets its English name from the Alligator like teeth, snout and head shape. The large interlocking scales also add to its reptilian appearance. Often Brown to silver and Olive in colour with a light cream to white ventral surface

The Alligator Gar is one of a number of invasive species of fish that have been introduced to Indian waters in the past few years. Other invasive fish in India include the red-bellied Pacu, the red-bellied Piranha, African Catfish, and Asian Carp, says Mathew The alligator gar is a predatory fish, but this fish is no river monster, and a great disservice is done to nature each and every time someone catches and kills an alligator gar simply to take a picture of the thing and pretend they are some sort of dragon slayer. Learn About Alligator Gar From Amazon.com

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  1. The alligator gar is among the largest species of freshwater fish found in North America. On average they measure 5-6 feet in length and often weigh over 100 pounds. Their most distinctive characteristics include a torpedo-shaped body, short broad snout, and rows of sharp teeth with a double row on their upper jaw
  2. Find professional Alligator Gar videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality
  3. The alligator gar fish, commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, was located by a township resident deceased. According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the fish could not sustain in such cold water. The rare find was turned over to them for preservation and educational purposes, the police department wrote
  4. Black Alligator Gar: i went to catch this fish today and instead i got the spotted gar always the wrong fish at 23.52 - 23.53. Reply. Elltharis says: March 3, 2017 at 9:26 am Attachment . Reply. If you respond to an existing comment, please click on the Reply link under the corresponding text
  5. Tracking alligator gar: populations of alligator gar are numbered among the diversity of fishes in Northwest Florida Return of the Gar documents the prehistoric alligator gar , a large fish which has been pointlessly killed in its North American range largely because of its size and teeth, and because oil spills and other environmental alterations to its breeding grounds have resulted in further erosion of its number
  6. Alligator gar are voracious ambush predators that are primarily piscivorous. This species of gar is the largest apex predators in the Mississippi River system. The heaviest published weight for an alligator gar is 137 kg (301 lbs.) SIZE: The common length for alligator is 200 cm (78.7in.) with the maximum reported length being 305 cm (10 ft)

Alligator Gar; Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spatula) Category: Fish. Common names: Alligator Gar. Invasive species classification: Prohibited. Invasive species family: Lepisosteidae. Also in this section. Species & Habitats. Species in Washington; Ecosystems in Washington; Living with wildlife Texas Alligator Gar Rod & Reel Fishing Trips Come down and enjoy the guided fishing trip of a lifetime exploring the lakes, rivers & bayous of Texas, looking for an Alligator Gar to hook. I'm not a weekend guide, with over 35 years of experience sport angling for Alligator Gar is my life.. Featured on several TV shows, including The inner layer of a gar's scales is somewhat spongy and interwoven to a sheet of connective tissue that allows the fish to flex and swim. The gar's scales aren't the only tough thing about them. Alligator gar also have the ability to air-breathe which means that they are able to breathe air when the water becomes foul Get the best deals on Alligator Gar when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

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Alligator gar reach weights of 300 pounds. Dont know the weight of this one but easy to say it would make the record book. Alligator gar are caught this size fairly regularly but most of the time it is not on rod and reel so they aren't eligible to be submitted for inclusion in the state record books Alligator gar (atractosteus spatula) Of the seven species of gar, Alligator Gar was the biggest, its size can reach up toa length of up to 3 meters tall and weigh 140 pounds. The type of Alligator gar is that many for sale. To keep this fish we should prepare a large aquarium or pond fish predators Cuban Gar (atractosteus tristoechus According to Mondragon, the alligator gar is by far the largest of gars and is one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America. Alligator gar has been reported at 10 feet long, weighing up to 350 pounds. However, the fish stocked this week fit in the palms of biologists' hands alligator gar a large, heavily scaled fish, Lepisosteus spatula, with an elongated body and long snout, found mainly in shallow weedy fresh water in the southeastern U.S. [ 1815-25, Amer Alligator gar are distinct from other gars by having a heavier and broader body, a short broad snout, and numerous large teeth. Teeth are large and canine like in size, however, while most of their teeth are needle sharp at the tip some fish have less sharp pre-molar-like teeth, possible due to heavy use and age

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Alligator gar also are impressive gamefish in their own right. As Stephenson puts it, regardless of the Asian carp impact, the reintroduction of alligator gar is a great story. Michigan Sea Grant helps to foster economic growth and protect Michigan's coastal, Great Lakes resources through education, research and outreach The text inset into the photographs (and reproduced in some of the e-mail forwards) identifies the fish as an 8'10, 327-lb. alligator gar caught in Spring 2005 at Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma. Texas state law allows you to keep 1 Alligator Gar caught with a rod & reel. I personally prefer to catch and release all Alligator Gar back into the water unless they are trophy catches. Almost every Alligator Gar in the pictures on this site was released back into the water with the exception of trophy catches The snout of the Alligator Gar is shorter and stouter than that of the Long-Nosed Gar. Alligator Gars are dark, olive-green dorsally fading to yellowish-white ventrally. Juvenile Alligator Gars have a white mid-dorsal stripe and have speckles along the body, which adults lack


Alligator gar about 6 in length. We specialize in shipping live tropical fish to your door. For more information call Exotic Fish Shop at 774-400-4598 The Alligator Gar is the largest of the gars, reaching nearly 10 feet in length (Ross, 2001). It feeds primarily on fishes, but will also eat crabs, carrion, and birds. This species spawns in late spring; the eggs are toxic (Ross, 2001)

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  1. Kennedy works with alligator gar as part of his duties as the Missouri Department of Conservation's Fisheries Supervisor for the Southeast region. According to National Geographic Television's associate producer, Abigail Pilgrim, Kennedy was one of the most passionate advocates for alligator gar they came across in their research and.
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  3. Alligator gar definition, a large, heavily scaled fish, Lepisosteus spatula, with an elongated body and long snout, found mainly in shallow weedy fresh water in the southeastern U.S. See more
  4. The Alligator gar is Arkansas's largest fish species, as well as the largest freshwater fish in the southeastern U.S., with the largest individuals weighing over 300 lbs. At these sizes, it is the state's only true big game fish species
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Gar definition is - —used as a mild oath in the phrase by gar

Will Alligator Gars Attack Humans? - River Monsters - YouTubeFun with My Alligator Gar - YouTubeAlligator contre gar! - Mordu de la Pêche / Pêche XXLRCF: Gar Pike - YouTube
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